Feb 2, 2011

Update on Magners Comedy Festival in Boston

Hey friends -
Welp, I didn't win Magners Comedy Festival BUT I made it to the final round, finishing in the TOP 7 out of over 800 submissions (I also just got invited to compete in the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta, Georgia in April - sweet).
I was very happy to even place in the finals because the finalists all have been doing stand-up for at least 5 years, where I have been doing it for about 2 years; some are already headlining on the road. I felt good about what I was doing & where I am right now.
Fun things in Boston -
A Chinese buffet that was next to Mottley's Comedy Club had karaoke 7 nights week - I almost abandoned the stand-up festival to sing 'Sex Machine' with a mouthful of General Tso's.
I went on an amazing 'Buffet Adventure' with comedian/roomate, Johnny Beehner, to Chinatown, "The Hot Pot." You order many raw things form a checklist then you boil them in the pot of boiling water in front of you. Awesome. I boiled ALOT of scallops. I also ordered 'chinese broccoli' - not like American broccoli - I stuffed most of it at the bottom of my boiling pot of water so I wouldn't get yelled at.
Overall, a great experience.
The winner of the festival was a great comic, originally from Boston; has been performing in NYC for 2 years - Harrison Greenbaum - check out his site here.
Check out the other finalists:
Johnny Beehner, Nashville (and my roomate in Boston)
Sean Donnelly, Brooklyn
Ryan Clauson, Boston (he's also "Mr. Attraction," just check the site...)
Jared Bilski, Philadelphia
Aaron-Michael Fox, West Virginia
(Here are my honorable mentions that did not move on but I thought were pretty funny: Maria Ciampa, Mike Koutrobis & Sapna Kumar)
Thanks again to everyone who voted for me on Facebook to get me to Boston! It means alot that you took the time out to do that. No voting in the near future but stay near the 'like' button.

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