Oct 11, 2011

Podcast with ME and HATERS FOR HIRE: Sept 2011


Burning social currency, the death of Steve Guttenberg, and a lovely chat about Pittsburgh comedy with Aaron Kleiber on the September 29th 2011 podcast.
Listen to the Episode (this link is for offsite users)

Sep 29, 2011

West Penn Power Commerical with a Director's Cut

"First Energy Power/West Penn Power/Choice Power" Commercial, 2011 


Here is the version that aired on television.

Here is the director's cut.

Sep 24, 2011

"Help Me, Help You" releases on DVD - Sept 22nd, 2011!

"Help Me, Help You" releases on DVD - September 22nd, 2011!

Film I co-starred with Sabrina Bryan (Cheetah Girls, Dancing with the Stars) - playing her husband Tom. Also starring Richard Kind, Steve Guttenberg and Rondell Sheridan. Directed by Ravi Godse. (Formerly titled; 'If It Ain't Broke, Break It')

Check out the TRAILER by Marista Entertainment:

Order on DVD, September 22nd! 

Click here to read reviews and order your DVD from Amazon.com

Help Me, Help You is available with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the movie, you can request your purchase price back and get an apology from the director. AND you get to keep the DVD. Buy it here, watch it, and if you don’t like it, send us an email with your name and order number. No reason is required. We work on the honor system; your word is good enough.

Sep 20, 2011

GILDA'S CLUB Fundraiser 'Great Comic Search' FINALS, Sept. 22, 2012

***UPDATE: I won. It was a lot of fun and Gilda's Club raised over $35,000! thanks for your support!

Hey friends - I'm competing as a finalist in the GILDA'S CLUB 'Great Comic Search'.  There are many of my friends that have been affected by Cancer & I would love for some of you to come support an amazing place like Gilda's Club - Here are the details below:

The FINALS show will be held at The Improv @ the Waterfront
LAUGHING IN THE FACE OF CANCER is the culminating event of our annual "Faces of Gilda’s Club" campaign, which began three years ago during Young Adult Cancer Awareness week in April.  The campaign consists of outstanding individuals who commit to raising money and funds for Gilda’s Club throughout a 6-month period between April and September.  All proceeds will be used to fund the Clubhouse located at 2816 Smallman St in the Strip, where a philosophy of "cancer support for the whole family, the whole time" is brought to life by developing programs that support those whose lives are affected by cancer.

100% of the proceeds will go to Gilda's Club of Western PA! 

Sep 9, 2011


The Lionsgate film, WARRIOR, I filmed over two years ago, releases today. I was able to see a private screening of the film a couple weeks ago with my friend; Mercury Men's, Mark Tierno.
It truly is a great film worthy of any awards it will receive. Tom Hardy is spectacular and Nick Nolte hasn't been this good in a long time. 
I was happy to know about the film before I saw it - my friend, Sean Collier, saw it a press screening and he let me now I was pretty much cut from the entire film - my closeup, my Russian dialogue, my Russian accent - I played Koba's Manager, played by Kurt Angle - and even all his dialogue was cut & most of his scenes that weren't him fighting. That's showbiz, right?

Go see Warrior - it's a great film, who employed lots of Pittsburghers.

Jul 16, 2011

THE MERCURY MEN - premiering JULY 25th on SyFy.com

Check out the new web series, THE MERCURY MEN, by my good friend, Chris Preksta - PREMIERING on SyFy.com - JULY 25th!
Starring my guys - Curt Wooten & Mark Tierno

May 29, 2011

Aaron Kleiber & 'The Human Fire-Breathing Torch' with Steve-O (VIDEO)

I had the awesome prividge to work with Steve-O from Jackass this year AND will be again in Florida this July! Can't wait. And I can't wait to do stuff like this again with Steve-O...

Apr 15, 2011

MICAH Trailer & Premiere, Short Film from Live Productions

Short drama film I worked on with my fav lady, Robyne Parrish & some amazing filmmakers from Live Productions, Matt Burek & Ryan Cunningham.

"Micah" is a heart-wrenching story that will give you a new appreciation for life. "Micah" (Billy Stipetich) doesn't see the world, he sees through it. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness he finds a new passion in life and a project to keep him busy.
Directed by Matthew Burek
Produced by: Ryan Cunningham, Aaron Kleiber, Matthew Burek
Live Productions & Quanti Studios

Benefit for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
South Pike Cinemas 130 Cinema Way Sarver, PA
Reception will be in the lobby with a chinese auction, DVDs available for $5.00. Free Admission, Dress Casual. Any questions please contact Ryan Cunningham 724 272 7976


Apr 8, 2011

WARRIOR Trailer, Lionsgate Film, Releases September 9th, 2011

Film I worked on in 2009 is finally coming out! I play Koba's Manager - Koba played by KURT ANGLE, he's a nasty, mean Russian fighter. Looks fun. I'm briefly in the trailer, which means I didn't get cut form the film. Starring Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy (who will be back in Pittsburgh filming the new Batman film this summer), Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison and Kurt Angle. Directed by Gavin O'Connor (Miracle, Pride & Glory).

Apr 4, 2011

Trailer & premiere for Short Film, LIGHTWEIGHT, directed by Randy Kovtiz

I had the opportunity to be a part of this great, short film directed by Randy Kovitz;  produced by my friend, Adrienne Wehr. LIGHTWEIGHT first took flight as a submission in the Steeltown Film Factory screenwriting competition, when the script was chosen as one of ten semi-finalists from a pool of 110 entries.The script sailed past the next hurdle and the next, as the field was narrowed to five and then to three scripts. But Lightweight did not win the final round. (I was also in the film that won, ROLL THE DICE, by HustleBot). The script had struck a chord with many readers and followers of the Steeltown series, and a number of them expressed disappointment at the news. In the weeks following the announcement, the writers’ friends and fellow filmmakers rallied to get the project afloat. I played opposite another fine female actor, Jamie Slavinsky (who you might have seen in my Baierl commercial as the saleswomen), where we were an obnoixous 'Yinzer' couple in Lightweight. So fun.

Check out the trailer:

We're not in  the trailer, don't want to ruin the comedy relief, BUT come check out the premiere:

Mar 19, 2011

Baierl Automotive, "Big Easy," Commercial

Baierl Automotive, "Big Easy," Commercial with my awesome lady friends, Jamie Slavinsky (saleswoman) & Robyne Parrish (I've been married to Robyne on camera like 6 times, check her internets out: RobyneParrish.com)

Feb 2, 2011

Update on Magners Comedy Festival in Boston

Hey friends -
Welp, I didn't win Magners Comedy Festival BUT I made it to the final round, finishing in the TOP 7 out of over 800 submissions (I also just got invited to compete in the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta, Georgia in April - sweet).
I was very happy to even place in the finals because the finalists all have been doing stand-up for at least 5 years, where I have been doing it for about 2 years; some are already headlining on the road. I felt good about what I was doing & where I am right now.
Fun things in Boston -
A Chinese buffet that was next to Mottley's Comedy Club had karaoke 7 nights week - I almost abandoned the stand-up festival to sing 'Sex Machine' with a mouthful of General Tso's.
I went on an amazing 'Buffet Adventure' with comedian/roomate, Johnny Beehner, to Chinatown, "The Hot Pot." You order many raw things form a checklist then you boil them in the pot of boiling water in front of you. Awesome. I boiled ALOT of scallops. I also ordered 'chinese broccoli' - not like American broccoli - I stuffed most of it at the bottom of my boiling pot of water so I wouldn't get yelled at.
Overall, a great experience.
The winner of the festival was a great comic, originally from Boston; has been performing in NYC for 2 years - Harrison Greenbaum - check out his site here.
Check out the other finalists:
Johnny Beehner, Nashville (and my roomate in Boston)
Sean Donnelly, Brooklyn
Ryan Clauson, Boston (he's also "Mr. Attraction," just check the site...)
Jared Bilski, Philadelphia
Aaron-Michael Fox, West Virginia
(Here are my honorable mentions that did not move on but I thought were pretty funny: Maria Ciampa, Mike Koutrobis & Sapna Kumar)
Thanks again to everyone who voted for me on Facebook to get me to Boston! It means alot that you took the time out to do that. No voting in the near future but stay near the 'like' button.

Jan 22, 2011

THE MERCURY MEN from Chris Preksta, picked up by SYFY Channel!

My good friend, Chris Preksta, will have his web series, THE MERCURY MEN, distributed by the SYFY Channel! 
I've been priviledged to work on the series a little & have a great, fun role you all will enjoy. Check out the links below that have been coming out...
AND be sure to check out THE MERCURY MEN's WEBSITE for LOTS of cool fun stuff - search for the commerical I was in that we did - very fun.
Syfy: Imagine greater.
Here's SYFY's splash page with the Trailer: http://www.syfy.com/mercurymen

Jan 7, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Hi-ya friends!
Hope everyone had a great time celebrating 2010 & welcoming 2011!
I'm happy with everything that went on in 2010. Thanks to everyone who came down to the Pittsburgh Improv New Year's weekend for Harland Williams - so fun to celebrate with great friends!
Thanks to all of you voting on Facebook - I WILL be attending & PERFORMING at Magner's Comedy Festival in BOSTON! I'll be there from January 26th - 30th. Hopefully I'll come back from Boston with even better news but I'm pretty pumped to even be there.
Look out for a commerical I filmed for Highmark - will be on the jumbo-trons at Penguins games & on TV - me trying to wrangle a pinata & being beat by 10 year-old girls at a birthday party - fun times.
COMEDY SHOWS coming up:
DUKE'S UPPER DECK CAFE - Every MONDAY, 8-10PM - Open Mic comedy Hosted by ME! Right off of Homestead Grays Bridge, 122 W 8th Ave, Homestead -   $5 Pitchers & 30 cent wings!!!
JAN 7th - 830PM - FUNNYBONE, HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINA - will be performing with my greta friend John Evans!
JAN 8th - 730PM - ROSTRAVER ICE GARDEN - I'll be hosting the Slapsticks Comedy Night with Mike Conley & Tom Anzelone!
JAN 14th - 9PM - CORNER CAFE - Pittsburgh Comedy Showcase hosted by MIKE WYSOCKI from WDVE Morning Show, 2500 s. 18th Street, South Side Slopes, 412-488-2995
JAN 13-15th - FUNNYBONE, BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS - will be performing with my BOY John Evans AGAIN!
**IMPROV at the WATERFRONT - I could be at the Improv performing any weekend with a headliner - will keep you updated**
Thanks friends,