Sep 9, 2011


The Lionsgate film, WARRIOR, I filmed over two years ago, releases today. I was able to see a private screening of the film a couple weeks ago with my friend; Mercury Men's, Mark Tierno.
It truly is a great film worthy of any awards it will receive. Tom Hardy is spectacular and Nick Nolte hasn't been this good in a long time. 
I was happy to know about the film before I saw it - my friend, Sean Collier, saw it a press screening and he let me now I was pretty much cut from the entire film - my closeup, my Russian dialogue, my Russian accent - I played Koba's Manager, played by Kurt Angle - and even all his dialogue was cut & most of his scenes that weren't him fighting. That's showbiz, right?

Go see Warrior - it's a great film, who employed lots of Pittsburghers.

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